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back from vacation

i love getting home from being away. we were in nh and i'll try to get some pictures up if i can. we stayed at this fancy place called the balsams for one night and it wasn't fantabulous but it was also raining so we couldn't hike. but i did get an amazing pair of sweatpants that shrunk perfectly to fit me.

i've been trying to think of when i could have a party but i'm not so sure it'll work out not :( becca feds, when are you coming? anyway here were my ideas:

> tea party!!!
> huge party with everyone i know at the lake
> girly night (at the lake)
> semi-formal party at a rented place (haha like that would happen)
> elise told me about one time in winter when the people in her neighborhood went skating on the mill river at night and they had candles in the snow and that sounded really cool but i don't know how i could make that a party. i don't even know how to skate.
> 2007 have a sweet 17 instead next year so i have more time to get it together

okay that's all. over and out.
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