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le weekend!!

becca, here's to you my love. i'm updating. with - shout out to zoe - a pro-con list!!

-lost of homework
+no school on monday for us jewsies
-even more homework
-and no food for 24 hours on monday
+driving tomorrow
+observation tomorrow
+helped work on the float today
+ate cookies and pizza
+was able to check out a camera from photography class
-my uncle's coming to visit
+he hasn't yet arrived
+i was given two shirts today
+i was given three lovely bras mondayish
+i have a ton of clothes
-it makes me feel like an awful person for having so much
+had a race tuesday and did really well considering i haven't been running at all
-slapped adam bidwell's ass with a water bottle and now he must think i have something for him.
+but his face was priceless

i think that's everything. i'm not really sure what else to say. school is going well but i need more sleep and less homework. maybe if i wasn't in any clubs. yes, that's right. i have joined some clubs. okay so that's all.
lovelovelove hannah
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