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maple sugaring

i'm going maple sugaring today.
and i have a ton of stuff to do. i should have done my homework yesterday, but the caseys came over for dinner. paul probably thinks i'm like the biggest idiot. before we were in the same grade, i had a crush on him at one point. oh lala.

i have become such a nervous, anxious person. i was getting stressed out over MCAS and figuring out my schedule for next year. it's embarassing. i started crying in the car, when aaron was driving me to get some ingredients for a dessert i was making last night because i asked him about whaat classes to take and that led to MCAS. and i can't even blame it on anything else because nothing else is going on.

i can't wait till summer. i have a job teaching swimming to little kids, but it's really more of just playing with them in the pool and making sure no one drowns. and then i might have a job at a tomato farm. and hopefully my liscence.

which reminds me! okay, this is so cool. both the cadillac and the bmw (convertible!) are legally my cars because insurance will be a little less that way. and when my dad was driving me over to the insurance place, we saw a used car dealer that had just the car he wanted, so he bought it. it's a honda odyssey, an automatic, so i'll actually start driving now.

i haven't driven much because our cars are awful.
*subaru - we just sold out it, stick-shift, and its engine was shot (it sounded like a helicopter). we couldn't drive it over 4 miles without the engine seriously overheating. and yes, someone did actually pay money for it.
*bmw - also stick, and we only drive it during the summer. i have driven it though (in a parking lot)
*cadillac - aside from being the size of a steamboat,the first time i drove it the brake kind of caught and was wearing out the whole hour i was driving. when my dad took over, he was like "wow. there is something wrong with this car. i hope we can make it home." i haven't driven it since.

over and out
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