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this is empty-of-anything-enlightening

ahh i'm so exhausted. i wouldn't have thought that being a swimming instructor would be so difficult. and i was hoping that the other person would be . . . someone other than andrew bointon or however you spell it. i mean he's not a bad kid but he was one of aaron's friends and he's a senior so it's not that he's too old but that i'm a friend's little sister. eh. maybe next year. if i'm allowed back. one of these days, someone is going to drown.

so i need to see you guys this summer (unlike last). i'm awful with phone numbers, so if i don't call, that's the reason. i'm here in the afternoons and weekend. and becca let me know when you're coming to visit.

also, what weekends are people available? i'm trying to get a birthday party together (16!!!!) but i don't know if it will work out. and take the august session of driver's ed because that's when i'm taking it.

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