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residual thoughts

here i am updating yet again - am i setting a personal record?
anyway, spent the weekend at my cottage and recieved a major sunburn which is located on my back and belly and someplace else that makes it painful to sit down or stand up or even exist at all. don't ask how i got that one. but maybe they'll turn into a tan. wouldn't that be nice?
i start driver's ed on tuesday!!!! isn't that cool??? i can get le permit september 7th SWEET SIXTEEN!!!
but aside from that and trying to coexist peacefully with a sunburn which isn't nearly as bad as i make it out to be, i'm not doing much. and i probably won't be because everyone is at dasac. but there is my little plea for people. i might actually start my summer work like stefan but not quite because he finished his during a weekedn while we were all still in school. wow. i wish i had those anti-procrastinating skills.
and finally my brother is on a roadtrip to florida which is pretty cool but i don't think that my dad will let me go on one ever even if i do get my liscense. but if i can, anyone want to come?

love, hannah
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